Paris (best friend) ✝

Archer (friend)

Daemon Black (friend)

Dee Black (friend)

Bethany Williams (friend)

Katy Swartz (friend)


Opal, Origin, Opposition

Physical Traits

Eye Color

Purple, Ametist

Hair Color


Luc is an Origin first appearance in Opal, introduced by Blake, when Katy and Daemon need his help with rescuing Beth. He is rather young, being around 14-15, and is referred to as running a child mafia. He runs a club and several other things with his Luxen friend Paris and has connections in high places. He's in love with Nadia, a human, he once rescued her from the streets. He later watches over the younger Origins. Luc is funny he has a childish sence of humor and he aslo speaks like one , but at times he can be frightening. Like when he threatened to murder all the little origins. Then told Nancy Husher that she knew what would happen if she annoyed him in the slightest bit , and her face went pale white she looked like she had seen a ghost. Plus he has a smartass since of humor.

Luc is first introduced to have "shoulder length brown hair tuckeed behing his ears" and katy describes him saying: "I was kind of dumbstruck by his boyish beauty. Eyes the colour of amethyst locked with mine briefly and then went back to the game. The kid was going to be a looker someday."

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